Issue 12

Ownership Structure and Equity Returns in Japan: Effectiveness of market-oriented corporate governance
Yosuke Mitsusada, Asuka Asset Management Ltd, Japan; Toyohiko Hachiya, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

The Explanatory Power of Policy Asset Allocation
Tadaaki Komatsubara, Ibbotson Associates, Japan

STRIPS' Debut - A Welcome Move
T Jyotsna

Cos-Benefit Analysis of Listing Thai Beverage Company: The Case Study of Unethical Stock in Thailand
Yanee Leoywanichjalearn, Asia Plus Securities Public Company, Thailand

Factors Determinant Stock Market: New evidence of Thai stock market with Multiple Regression
Yanee Leoywanichjalearn, Asia Plus Securities Public Company, Thailand

Issue 11

Application of Liability Driven Investment (LDI) Strategy in Japan – Can it be a solution to bail out defined benefit pension plans?
Masaharu Usuki, NLI Research Institute, Japan

Continuity of Bias in Management Forecasts and Mispricing
Yasuhiro Shimizu

Attribution Analyses of Value Premium in Japanese Stock Market
Heita Nishioka, Banking Co Ltd, Japan

The Superannuation Guarantee, Wealth and Retirement Saving
Ellis Connolly

Calling the End of the Bubble: are there trends in order imbalances?
Julia Henke; Thomas Henker

Microfranchising – a new kid on the block
N Janardhan Rao; B Suma, IUP, India

Value Creation through Intellectual Asset – Based Management and Business Risk Quantification
Yoko Ohta, Nomura Securities Co Ltd, Japan

Issue 10

China Derivatives and Structured Products
Chin-Chong Liew, I-Ping Soong and Simon Zhang, Linklaters, Hong Kong

Dividend Policy that Boosts Shareholder Value
Takashi Suwabe

Fiduciary Duties and Conflicts of Interest
Don Gasper

Indian IPOs : Back in Action!
Y Bala Bharathi and Sanjoy De

MiFid: What is it and how does it affect us in Asia?
Carl Fernandes

Size Effect and Firm Size - new relationship with the value effect
Kengo Okada, The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. Ltd., Japan

Issue 9

Factors Driving Correlations Between Fixed Income and Equity Returns – Asset Allocation and ALM for Pension Funds
Junichi Iwamoto CMA Chief Researcher Pension Research Institute The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

Evaluating Active Fund Managers Using Time Series of Ex-ante Risk Estimates
Hideki Nakashima, PhD, Researcher, Integrated Risk Management Service Office, Mizuho Pension Research Institute, Ltd.

Sensex – a Bulls’ Day Out….
Amit Singh Sisodiya, Dy Editor & Sanjoy De, Research Analyst, The Analyst Magazine Team, IUP, India

XBRL: The Future of Financial Reporting
William Gee and Edmund Lee, PricewaterhouseCoopers

How Can the Market be Efficient if Investors are Not Rational?
John Livanas BSc. (Eng), M.B.A., F.Fin

Risk – An Uncommon Deviation
Scott Donald SA Fin, BEc, LLB, LLM, CFA

Issue 8

Changes in Nikkei 225 Composite Stocks - Trading Simulation and Implication
Katsuhiko Okada

Managing the Investment Firm - Investigation of Manager Trading and Herding Using Composition Data of Equity Portfolios
Nobuhito Asakura; Yoko Uno

Asset-Backed Securities - Effects of Valuation Model on RMBS Investment
Hiroshi Kasari, Chief Researcher; Atsushi Kaji, Senior Researcher; Jun Kataoka

How good are dividend yield and P/E ratios in making asset allocation decisions?
Lakshman Alles

Investor expectations and beta risk
Adam Clements; Michael Drew

The relationship between technical indicators and the market index
Maurice Peat; Max Stevenson; Daniel Maroney.

Issue 7

Asian Economies and Financial Markets - Independence and Interdependence” - Keynote Speech at 2004 ASIF Tokyo Conference (Summary)
Sakakibara, Eisuke - Professor, Keio University

Financial System Reform in China” - Keynote Speech at 2004 ASIF Tokyo Conference
Liu, Hongru - Professor, Peking University, Tsinghua University

Active Management and Portfolio Constraints
Norihiro Sodeyama, Senior Quants Analyst, Indexing and Quantitative Investment Department, The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., (Chartered Member of The Securities Analysts Association of Japan); Manabu Yano, Senior Researcher, Pension Research Institute, The Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. (Chartered Member of The Securities Analysts Association of Japan)

Individual Investor Behaviour
Hisashi Kaneko, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Financial Knowledge Research Division, Nomura Research Institute, (Chartered Member of The Securities Analysts Association of Japan)

Indian Primary Market: Insatiable Demand
DG Prasuna

Issue 6

Securities Institute of Australia
Robert Swinton

SAAJ and its financial base
Sei-Ichi Kaneko

Management and operation of education programmes and examination system
Gary Cheung (HKSI)

Benchmarks for alternative investments
William Fung; David A. Hsieh

Issue 5

Sustainable and Responsible Investment
Louisa Mitchell

Retail Hedge Funds
Rory Gallaher; Karen Kaur

Using the Internet for Corporate Activism
David Webb, corporate governance activist

Impact of the New Securities and Futures Ordinance on Fund Managers in Hong Kong
Martin Rogers; Mark Shipman

Global Equity Investment in a Borderless World From Country Factor to Global Industry Factor
Takahashi Suwabe

Issue 4

The goodwill game
Keith Alfredson; Adrian Murray

The business goals of stockbroking firms in Australia, Singapore And Japan
Brett L Scarlett

Evaluating intangible assets: the new financial management, reporting and analysis challenge
Zoltan Matolcsy; Donald Stokes; Peter Wells

The investment process and decision making at pension funds
Tom Gunn

Issue 3

Update on the CIIA

Investment funds in China
Mr Joseph Silva

Overview of online securities trading in Taiwan
Mr Ted Peng

Legislative challenges faced by the investment funds industry in China after China's accession to WTO and its responses
Mr Wang Lianzhou

You want me to do what? Ethical dilemmas in financial planning
John Jordan

Estimating market risk premium
Professor Robert G. Bowman

Portfolio performance is not the only criteria
John Arbouw

Price as a clue - are cheap stocks better?
Richard B. Boebel; Roger Nicholl

Issue 2

A new frontier?
An interview with BondsinAsia CEO Albert Cobetto, sourced from the Hong Kong Securities Institute Journal

The human touch
Sourced from the Hong Kong Securities Institute Journal

Optimising global collateral management
Jessie Pak, sourced from the Hong Kong Securities Institute Journal

Do investors overreact below the equator?
Richard B Boebel and Clarke Carson A, article appeared in the 2000/2001 edition of ‘The New Zealand Investment Analyst’

New economy, new worries
Steve McClintock, article was sourced from JASSA (The Journal of the Securities Institute of Australia)

ASIF Conference 2001, Hong Kong 3rd-5th December

Issue 1

New era for Asian Capital Markets
Yi-Hsiung Hsu

The development of derivative products and asian capital markets
William P. Albrecht

The integration of the asian capital markets
Shinichiro Takaya